The company manages the most demanding welding technologies

in a very regulated area, such as welding, and everything to do with welding. It has certified welding and control personnel, certified welding technologies, modern welding and testing equipment.

We have over 150 engineers and qualified workers working throughout the year on different industrial centers all over the world.

Key competences represent the construction of pipelines, steel structures and equipment for specialized installations of the chemical industry, petrochemistry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry, pipe prefabrication, welding and construction of nuclear power plants.


We care for high quality services

Consistency of leadership in achieving the set goals and meeting customer / client expectations,
care for the satisfaction of all employees, involvement in teamwork and maintaining good relationships within the company

A desire for a new, unknown, a desire to expand their preferences, a concern for the growth and successful business of the company.


All highly qualified welders have valid welding certificates

According to international standards for various welding materials and techniques. OVERVIEW OF THE EXPERIENCE OF OUR WORKERS:


Welding of pipes of all types of steel in all dimensions.

Pipe systems

Piping systems for boiler integrated with the load shedding couples. Pipelines in accordance with GMP / FDA. Pipelines for refrigerants. High-pressure pipelines (assembly and disassembly / welding work)

Assembly and disassembly

Assembly and disassembly of all dimensions of connections for industrial furnaces, heat exchangers, condensers, containers, machinery, containers, tanks and towers. Installation of steel building structures and supports for pipelines. Heavy assembly work. Installation of towers.

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