Company presentation

A.M Montaža d.o.o. is active in pipeline construction, steel structures and devices. We are mainly specialized in the field of installation/dismantling and welding technology.

We have over 150 engineers and qualified workers working throughout the year on different industrial centers all over the world.

Key competences represent the construction of pipelines, steel structures and equipment for specialized installations of the chemical industry, petrochemistry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry, pipe prefabrication, welding and construction of nuclear power plants.







Currently, there are following profiles of workers:
  • 3 Site managers
  • 15 Senior fitters
  • 12 Welding supervisors
  • 9 Measurers
  • 75 Welder apprentices
  • 50 Pipe fitters
  • 35 Locksmiths for steel construction


Overview of the experience of our workers: